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Northern Winds Outfitting
Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter in Alberta, Canada

Alberta Waterfowl Hunting

Alberta Waterfowl Hunting Trips

Come hunt over 36,000 square miles of waterfowl habitat with our team of professional guides and scouts. We offer world-class waterfowl hunting right on the forest fringe of central Alberta. Hunting the furthest north grain fields in the central flyway gives us the first opportunity at these birds as they begin their migration in September and October. Our location gives us an advantage over all other outfitters as our birds have not laid eyes on a decoy before they get to us. 

Our morning hunts are typically done in a dry grain field in a custom-built willow blind or layouts hunting Canada geese and/or Specklebelly geese. Our afternoon hunts often bring us to another dry grain field or pothole hunting Mallards, Pintails and/or Snow geese. We strive to provide the best experience possible for our hunters and offer the best hunting, lodging and meals available.

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What sets us apart from other Alberta Waterfowl Outfitters

We are the only outfitter in Alberta or Saskatchewan to hold all 4 guiding licenses in our area meaning we have no competition from other guides here. Our remote location 1.5 hours away from all the big cities means very little hunting pressure in our area. Our hunters will often hunt for 3 days without hearing a single shot from another hunting party.

Guided Waterfowl Hunts in Edmonton, Alberta

Guided Goose Hunts & Duck Hunts in Alberta

Professional guides are the key to success when hunting ducks & geese in central Alberta, Canada. Our team will work tirelessly to put you right where the birds want to be. Our team of 4 ensures that while you are in the field with one of our guides there are 3 others on the road looking for the next field to hunt tomorrow. We put in the time and energy to ensure we are always hunting the best field, giving our hunters the best chance to capitalize on their hunts.

Come enjoy everything Alberta has to offer, including beautiful views, fresh air, and the best waterfowl hunting in the world. The fall migration is a waterfowl hunter's dream, and our guides will ensure your experience exceeds your expectations. 

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Waterfowl Outfitter in Alberta Canada

Premier Outfitter in Alberta, Canada

Northern Winds Outfitting is a first-class, all-inclusive waterfowl outfitter offering amazing goose and duck hunts in central Alberta. Our waterfowl hunting packages include guiding, lodging, meals, unlimited shells, and bird cleaning. Whether you choose to hunt for three days, or six, we will give you the best experience possible. Contact Talan King today at 403-874-8918 and start planning your adventure!

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Alberta Predator Hunting Trips

Northern Winds Outfitting isn't just a one-stop shop for waterfowl - we are also an established coyote hunting outfitter. Alberta has extremely high densities of coyotes yet very little hunting pressure, making for some action-packed, fast-paced coyote hunting. If you are looking for a fun experience on your next hunting trip to Canada, consider joining us for a guided coyote hunt in Alberta.

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