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Fully Guided Duck Hunts in Alberta, Canada

Fully Guided Duck Hunts in Alberta, Canada

The duck Hunt

Alberta Duck Hunting

As Alberta’s go-to duck hunting outfitter we ensure our incredible duck hunts will not disappoint. A typical day of waterfowl hunting with us includes a goose hunt in the morning followed by a duck hunt in the afternoon. Our hunting area in Alberta borders the remote Canadian Boreal Forest and our hunting lodge is situated within the first grain fields along the central flyaway, giving our hunters the first chance at these ducks.

On your Alberta waterfowl hunt, you will come face to face with thousands of mallards and pintails, feet down over the decoys. Alberta hunting laws allow the use of spinning wing decoys and all other battery power motion decoys, helping your seasoned Alberta hunting guides get the ducks in close before calling the shot. 

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Hunting Methods

Waterfowl Hunting Methods

Our region gives us great opportunity to hunts ducks as they make a quick stop at a small pond before hitting the field in the morning. Using AvianX A frame blinds on the edge of a puddle has produced very successful results and allows hunters to sit in chairs instead of laying down in a layout blind. We often use these blinds in the field hunting geese too. The only thing better than a great Alberta duck hunt is a great Alberta combo hunt. More often than not, while scouting, we find the ducks and geese feed together, allowing for some great mixed action. Alberta hunting laws allow us to hunt all species of waterfowl in the morning and evening, unlike other provinces in Canada. You may just get lucky enough to get your limit of dark geese and ducks in the morning, giving us opportunity at the abundant snow geese in the afternoon.

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